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Do you believe we can achieve

a deeper harmony with the world and with ourselves?

We believe such a harmony is within our collective reach. The task is grand but the path is clear. We must learn to understand and value more deeply our interconnections with each other and with our environment. This requires the cultivation of fully conscious living – understanding the impact of our behavior on the world around us - learning to trust our heart and to take seriously our longings for a better world - learning to open up to the deep calm and silent wisdom of nature - and rediscovering what children experience naturally: the simple joys and wonder of being alive. This project is our project and we want you to be our partner.

Founded in 1995, the Sanctuary is fast becoming a unique resource in the lower valley of the Connecticut River for the innovative educational experiences, community building skills and green technologies needed to bring about a more sustainable society and a more evolved consciousness.

Our story is an exciting one but we need you to help us develop the plot! Our regular and special programming makes up only about half of our operating budget (a total of approximately $12,000 annually.)  The remainder of our operating expenses (mostly electricity, insurance, fuel and materials for maintenance of the Sanctuary grounds) is met with donations. Like many other organizations, Sanctuary revenues have seen a sharp decline in recent years and current operations are running on a deficit. Continued operations will require donations from people like you. 

Looking forward, we envision an exciting expansion of the services currently offered. We see the Sanctuary becoming a completely self-sufficient living laboratory for sustainable education and a full service spiritual life center offering affordable retreat opportunities right here in the lower river valley.

Components of this dream include: use of renewable energies (photo voltaics, etc.) for Sanctuary power supplies, a year-round community greenhouse garden, and greater environmental - educational resources for supporting the local school systems and home schooling communities.

This is a big dream but highly viable and urgently necessary for building a sustainable society here in Connecticut. Your partnership with us will be decisive in making this dream a reality, and it may be your own personal opportunity to serve the greater harmony you are dreaming about for yourself.

Will you help us continue the story?

Sincerely Yours,

      The Sanctuary at Shepardfields Board of Directors

Please support the Sanctuary 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with your tax-deductible donation (EIN #: 06-1416588) at one of the following levels of commitment:

Planter  $5-25                                      

Cultivator $30-50                          

Harvester $75-100                          

Bounty Share $150-500                

Farmer $ 500-1000                          

Force of Nature $ 1000+               

Make a credit card donation right here

Or send check payable to: The Sanctuary at Shepardfields. Checks can be mailed to the Sanctuary at Shepardfields, 59 Bogel Road, East Haddam, CT 06423. Contact us at or (860) 319-1134 if you'd like to set up a pledge schedule for your donation.

To download a pdf file of this letter along with a donation form click here: A Greater Harmony.pdf