Shepardfields 501(c)(3)


The Community of the Sanctuary at Shepardfields is located in and around a 40 acre land preserve in East Haddam, Connecticut.  Its mission is to hold sacred space for personal transformation, healing, enlightenment, intentional community and environmental stewardship. This community is organized and served by Shepardfields, Inc., a spiritual life center and 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

          In a non-profit 501(3)(c) organization such as at the Sanctuary, decisions about governance and management, including a mission statement, are made by the Board of Directors as informed by the community served by the organization, the community of stakeholders. For more information, or if you are interested in joining the Sanctuary please call (860) 319-1134 or email at Namaste!

                              Executive Directors

Jen Taylor - Co-Executive Director

is a philosopher, yoga instructor, political-media activist and musician. She

came to the Sanctuary in September 2009 with her partner Justin Good. In

addition to her work as a director of the Sanctuary, she teaches yoga, trapeze

& philosophy and directs children’s circus in the summers.

Her work in using circus arts, yoga and meditation as tools for self-

discovery, holistic health, deep play and community building all promote the

Sanctuary’s core values. Jen also heads the gardens at

the Sanctuary using the principles of permaculture.

Justin Good, Ph.D. - Co-Executive Director

is a philosopher, community development advocate and musician. His educational

activities include teaching philosophy classes at the University of Connecticut and

at the Sanctuary as well as community education workshops on sustainability,

perception, peak oil and love. One of his major projects at the Sanctuary this year

has been working with architect and builder Hans Lohse on the design and con-

struction of the Eco-Temple composting toilet, a “learning ecology.” A learning

ecology is a project or situation in which individuals work towards understanding

an aspect of their natural, social or economic environment which reveals something

fundamental about their collective fate, their values, their identities.

                              Board of Directors

Alli Baldwin - President

Ilene Mitnick - Vice President

Chris Grosso - Spiritual Director

Melissa Cokas - Treasurer

Maia Bingham

Jon Nitowski

Nathan Nadeau